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qnnected: International sales workshop with Tosibox in Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Together with about 20 participants from Tosibox's international sales team from Scandinavia, Australia, USA and Europe, there was an interesting workshop on "Value Based Selling" in Berlin last week. In recent years Tosibox has established itself as one of the most important providers of powerful Plug & Go™ remote access solutions for industrial applications. In addition to fast, highly available and secure connections, Tosibox plays a pioneering role in reducing complexity and simplifying handling. This makes handling very easy for Tosibox customers even without deeper background knowledge.

The goal of the very successful workshop was to develop the unique Tosibox value proposition in the context of upcoming Tosibox platform developments together with the international sales team.

qnnected has established itself in the area of consulting, training and coaching in the area of professional B2B sales with a special focus on software in an industrial context. Read more about Tosibox:

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